Borough Clerk

The Office of the Borough Clerk is responsible for the following Municipal services:

  • Administration of Elections within the Borough
  • Distribution of Forms
  • Notary Service for Westwood residents
  • Processing and Advertising of Ordinances and Resolutions and Municipal Budgets
  • Processing of Certain License and Permit Applications
  • Processing of Request for Public Records (OPRA)
  • Retention of Official Documents
  • Property Record Card Request Forms Property record cards are exempt from disclosure under OPRA pursuant to McGreevey Executive Order #26:
    4. The following records shall not be considered to be government records subject to public access pursuant to N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1 et seq., as amended and supplemented:
    (b) Information concerning individuals as follows:
    (3) Information describing a natural person’s finances, income, assets, liabilities, net worth, bank balances, financial history or activities, or creditworthiness, except as otherwise required by law to be disclosed.  We will however make that information available to the property owner upon written request.  The request form is found here.