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The Borough of Westwood, Westwood Board of Education, Township of Washington, Borough of Emerson and Emerson Board of Education have a joint Lightning Detection & Warning System for their parks and ball fields. This will provide our residents several minutes of warning should a lightning storm threaten our communities. The Borough of Westwood has horns located at Westvale Park and Meadowbrook Park. Strobe Lights are located at Westvale Park, Meadowbrook Park and Berkeley Field. The horn at Westvale Park is loud enough to be heard at Berkeley Field. When there is a lightning strike 10 miles from the monitoring unit, which is located at Westwood Middle School, the horns will emit a high pitch tone lasting approximately 15 seconds (similar to a police car siren) and the strobe light will be activated. All players, coaches and spectators will then be required to clear the fields immediately. The only safe areas are inside a building or in a car. Standing under the pavilion at Westvale Park is not a safe area. After there has been no lightning detected for 30 minutes from the last lightning event inside the 10 mile radius the strobe light will turn off and the horns will sound a low pitch tone similar to a fog horn indicating lightning is no longer present within 10 mile range. At that time, practices, games or any other activities may resume at those facilities.


Fitness Starts in Westwood's Community Parks

In an age when kids (and even adults) are tied to a screen for school, work and entertainment, it can seem like a hassle to get outside and play. Thankfully, Westwood has many green spaces throughout the borough that are open all year for personal fitness regimines, social gatherings and organized athletics.  

The Westwood Recreation Department partners with the Department of Public Works on maintaining and upgrading the community parks, buildings and facilities so that when you need to get out and play, the fields, paths and playgrounds are ready for you! Feeling like a hosting a crowd but don’t have the space? Residents can reserve the picnic areas of Hegeman and Westvale Park or enjoy the use of our two new grills at Brookside Park, both for a rental fee of $25.00. (see application for use on right.)

     If you’re looking to log-in steps, the paved loop of Westvale Park is .6 miles long. When combined with a stroll through the shaded nature preserve in Pascack Brook Park (featuring a pond, turtles and other native flora and fauna) you’ll track a nearly 2-mile walk. Is fishing your passion? Pascack Brook Park and Brookside Park are both great spots to cast your line in the spring and summer.

     Tennis and basketball courts, gaga pits, beach volleyball, playgrounds, ball fields and wide open spaces for play and quiet reflection.  Whether you like to walk, run, or bike, stretch, kick or dribble, Westwood’s Community Parks offer something for every age, season, fitness level, schedule, and activity. Winter, spring, summer and fall…where do you park it?

Special thanks to Greg Hart for this aerial footage of Westvale Park!