Committee Responsibilities

  • Advises the Mayor and Council of the policies, practices, procedures, and actions that shall be undertaken for the replacement and preservation of shade trees within the municipality as part of the Borough's overall governmental philosophy.
  • Develops and implements, subject to the approval of the Mayor and Council, procedures calculated to prevent the unnecessary damage or destruction of trees located in the public rights-of-way or within public parks throughout the Borough by utilizing Public Works crews, contractors, or members of the general public.
  • Advises the Public Works Department through a liaison concerning the maintenance of shade trees within the Borough and, in general, to be a resource for the Mayor and Council in facilitating the various agents and employees of the Borough in protecting and/or replacing such trees as presently exist.
  • Develops programs for the systematic replacement or addition of shade trees, whether by public funds or private donations to the Borough.
  • Acts as a clearing house and coordinating agency for any and all matters affecting shade trees in the Borough of Westwood.
  • Performs such other duties as the Mayor and Council shall, from time to time by resolution, entrust to the Shade Tree Advisory Committee in furtherance of the aforementioned goals and objectives.