Commuter Parking Decals

The 2023 Commuter Parking Decals are available for purchase.

The Borough Clerk's office issues Commuter Parking Decals for Westwood residents and non-residents. 

Please bring your vehicle registration and driver’s license to the clerk’s office to obtain a parking decal. The cost is $10 for the calendar year for resident decals, and $20 for non-resident decals.  Payment can be received with cash or check ONLY.

2024 Commuter Parking Decals

Commuter decals are transitioning to hang tags in 2024.  Residents and non-residents will be able to purchase the 2024 commuter parking hangtags, and use them, starting December 15th.  For convenience, contactless purchasing is available either by mail or use of the Borough drop box.  Send a copy of the vehicle registration, your driver’s license, a check for either $10 (resident) or $20 (non-resident), and a self-addressed stamped envelope, to Westwood Parking Utility, Attn:  Commuter Parking, 101 Washington Avenue, Westwood NJ, 07675.  Orders received prior to December 15th will be mailed on December 15th