Downtown Parking

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STREET PARKING (352 Shopper Spots)

Metered Street Parking can be paid with quarters at the meter head or with the ParkMobile App


2 Hours (283 spots)

Westwood Avenue (58)                                                          Bergen Street (10)

Center Avenue (49)                                                                Jefferson Avenue (14)

Fairview Avenue from Irvington to Bergen (35)                     Washington Avenue (5)

Broadway (51)                                                                        Third Avenue (27)

Kinderkamack Road (9)                                                          Madison Ave (19)

and Municipal Lots (see below)                                              Park Avenue (6)


3 Hours (25 spots)

Jefferson Avenue from Center to Fairview (25)  

and Municipal Lots (see below) 


9 Hours (44 spots)

Fairview Avenue between Westwood & Irvington (8 spaces)

Third Avenue to Elm Street (6 spaces)

Broadway (North side at Irvington) (12 spaces)

Kinderkamack Road between Westwood and Irvington (6 spaces)

Westwood Avenue East of Kinderkamack (12 spaces)

and Municipal Lots (see below) 


MUNICIPAL LOTS (211 Shopper Spots)

Municipal Lot Parking can be paid with cash at MasterMeter/meters or with the ParkMobile App


3 hours (56 spots) 

Fairview Avenue Lot (west side) (56) 


2 hours (155 spots)

Center Avenue Lot North (North of Westwood Avenue) (94) 

Center Square Lot* (North of Westwood Avenue) (48) Public Parking at metered spaces only

Firehouse Lot (South end of Center Ave. NEXT TO Fire House parking) (13)


9 hours (68 spots) 

Center Avenue Lot South (south of Westwood Avenue near Bergen Street) (68) 

*Privately owned lot whose revenue is donated to the Parking Authority