Employee Parking


The Borough's Employee Parking Program offers reserved, and in some locations, discounted parking for business owners or employees of downtown businesses.  Employee parking meters have yellow heads.  Business owners may purchase employee hang tags annually in August from the Borough Clerk's office.  The hang tag is only valid in the designated spaces with yellow meter heads.  Meter fees are .25 for four hours, .50 for 8 hours.  They are located on:


Fairview Avenue (Bergen to Jefferson both sides of the Street)

Fairview Avenue Lot (Spaces 10 through 22)

Center Avenue Lot North (Employee meters in this lot are .25 per hour, up to 9 hours)

Madison Avenue (north of Irvington Street)

Fourth Avenue (west side from Washington to Park) 

Washington Avenue (between Fourth and & Irvington, northside)

Employee Hangtag Flier for 2023-2024