About Us

Residents and Contractors:

BOROUGH HALL IS OPEN! The Construction and Zoning Departments are open - we are processing permits and performing inspections. Applications can be picked up in our building department or accessed from our website at westwoodnj.gov.  Construction forms can be accessed from the Building Department icon and Zoning forms from the Zoning icon. Completed applications can be dropped off in our building department located on the lower level of Borough Hall, 101 Washington Avenue, Westwood, NJ 07675 or can be mailed to Borough Hall - please mark your envelope "ATTN: Building Department". Any questions and or communication can be directed to the Building Department during the hours of 6:00 AM- 3:00PM at 201-664-5900 or you can email us at the following:  Construction and Fire Subcode Official Armand Marini, Technical Assistant Linda Aiello, or Administrative Assistant Cynthia Dahdah.

The Westwood Building Department is the Local Municipal Enforcing Agency which issues construction permits, conducts progress inspections and issues certificates of occupancy in accordance with the State of New Jersey Uniform Construction Code Act regulations. The Building Department also administers the Borough of Westwood Development Regulations and provisions of the State of New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law.

If you have any questions such as if permits are required or what is involved in getting a permit, please feel free to call the Building Department at 201-664-5900.


Borough EngineerBoswell McClave Engineering
Phone: 201-641-0770
Building InspectorArmand Marini
Building Subcode OfficialArmand Marini
Construction OfficialArmand Marini
Electrical InspectorJoe DeSalvo
Electrical Subcode OfficialCharles Venezia
Fire Protection InspectorArmand Marini
Fire Protection Subcode OfficialArmand Marini
Mechanical InspectorArmand Marini
Plumbing InspectorMark Bocchino
Plumbing Subcode OfficialMark Bocchino
Property Maintenance OfficialRich Solimando
Zoning OfficialArmand Marini

Mission Statement

  • To protect the health, safety and welfare of all users of buildings and structures within the Borough of Westwood through the enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey.
  • To insure the adequate maintenance of buildings and structures throughout the Borough by the active enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey.
  • To provide and maintain a pleasing visual environment through the application and enforcement of the borough's Development Regulation.
  • To assist in the orderly development of the borough by applying the rules and regulations established by the Borough Mayor and Council.
  • To assist the Borough Mayor and Council in providing a better community by suggesting the elimination of unnecessary or obsolete regulations, the alteration of regulations to recognize new and innovative technologies and the establishment of new regulations to address changing lifestyles and objectives.
  • To assist applicants in the process of obtaining necessary approvals for use and development of properties within the Borough.
  • To provide assistance to property owners and users, in times of crisis, to minimize disturbance of life and livelihood.
  • To maintain and advance the quality of life of people living, working and visiting the Borough of Westwood, promoting the ideals and principals set forth by the Borough Mayor and Council through their legislative actions.